Be Aware of Faults in Your Building or Property

Schedule a residential or commercial building evaluation to uncover potential problems

You don't want to live or work somewhere that's unsafe. That's why it's important to have your home or business facility inspected before you purchase it. The right evaluation can uncover signs of damage that can cost you valuable production time and even pose health risks.

Fortunately, you can rely on Keen Consulting to evaluate your home or commercial property from floor to ceiling. We'll go over the whole property and let you know how much you might need to spend to fix potential problems.

We provide comprehensive building evaluation, residential and commercial transactional building inspection, residential and commercial construction monitoring. We also offer a variety of specialty services, including types of inspections, dock and seawall inspections, mold testing and more.

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To ensure we're always staying competitive, Keen Consulting uses the latest technology and techniques to produce a detailed inspection report. You can feel comfortable choosing us because:

  • We provide comprehensive drone and warranty inspections
  • We're eKEY equipped, making the process easier on everyone
  • We use a CRM program to track our clients and their properties


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How can a building evaluation benefit your business?

Buying a commercial property is a huge investment, and there are a lot of pitfalls to watch out for. By scheduling a commercial evaluation with us before you purchase, you can:

  • Get an in-depth review of your property from a trusted inspector
  • Discover what issues need repairs and how much those repairs are likely to cost
  • Know whether your building is structurally sound
  • Be aware of problems that would affect the value of the building
  • Feel confident that you made a smart investment

Make sure your business is starting out on solid ground. Call 813-444-2470 now to arrange for a commercial building evaluation.