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Getting your property inspected is standard protocol, whether you're buying or selling. It's good for the seller, buyer and real estate agent. But not all inspectors are created equal. Keen Consulting is the company you should turn to for commercial and residential inspections. We have decades of experience under our belts and will complete your inspection efficiently.

You can bring us in to get a second opinion on the property or for the primary inspection. In either case, we'll conduct an exhaustive inspection and include every detail of our findings in an extensive report.

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To ensure we're always staying competitive, Keen Construction and Inspections uses the latest technology and techniques to produce a detailed inspection report. You can feel comfortable choosing us because:

  • We provide comprehensive drone and warranty inspections
  • We're eKEY equipped, making the process easier on everyone
  • We use a CRM program to track our clients and their properties

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